Model with H-cup bust and £30k of plastic surgery jiggles curves in micro-ʙικιɴι

Yvonne Bar, 26, from Germany, wants a breast reduction as men are ‘afraid to date’ her, but she also makes thousands shaking her implants in tiny lingerie and swimwear online

A model with H-cup boobs who makes a five figure salary every month thanks to her breasts has flaunted her ᴀssets in a tiny micro-ʙικιɴι.

Yvonne Bar, 26, from Germany, posted the sizzling snap on her @yvonne_bar_ Instagram page, where she has a whopping three million followers.

The brunette bombshell has previously explained that her sizeable chest nabs her a fortune on Sєxy subscription site OnlyFans.

Her fans pay her a monthly amount to access her pH๏τos and videos – and even to request that she flexes her H-cup boobs to make them “dance”.

Instagram model Yvonne also admitted previously that she’d spent around £36,000 on plastic surgery, including four boob jobs, liposuction, a Brazilian ʙuтт lift, fillers and Botox over the years.

But, she does want to get her breast size reduced because men are “scared of her” and a footballer boyfriend even once “refused to go public because of her fake boobs”.

Until she does go under the knife again though, Yvonne is making the most of her curves and flaunting her figure on social media.

Posting on Instagram, the model said: “Is my swimsuit too small – or too big?”

Yvonne then shared a video of herself sitting in a wicker chair which wearing a bright pink ʙικιɴι made up of a string bottom and spaghetti trap halter neck that showed off her toned arms and stomach.

Only an inch of bright pink fabric covered the model’s breasts while she moved from side to side to show off her implants and curvy hips.

She also posted a number of pH๏τos in the skimpy pink swimsuit where Yvonne licked her lips and stared at the camera with a sultry pout.

In the comments, Yvonne’s fans went wild for her cheeky look.

One person said: “It fits perfect,” while another added: “It’s too on!”

A third fan commented: “Your swimsuit is perfect.”

Discussing her implants, Yvonne previously noted: “For once I am considering getting a breast reduction at some point in the future because I always get judged and viewed in the wrong way.

“Men look at me and treat me like I am candy and not for something serious and I feel like I scare the good men off.

“Also, because of the sheer weight of my boobs, I get back pain sometimes.

“On some days all I can do is lay down so it really might be a good idea to have a reduction.”

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