Emily Ratajkowski Takes Boring Office Wear in a Risqué Direction

Striding out the revolving door of an official-looking building in New York, Emily Ratajkowski has the self-satisfied look of someone that has just passed a series of game-changing legislative measures. But where traditional members of the senate wear orthopaedic court shoes and twin sets, EmRata’s corporate look involves knee highs and an LPD (a little pinstripe dress) with spaghetti straps and hip-baring cut-outs.

iPhone in hand and Saddle bag wedged beneath her armpit, perhaps Ratajkowski made it a state-wide mandate to dress in baby tees and low-slung denim. “All citizens will hereby get a stimulus cheque to spend at Nina Gabbana Vintage”. All this is to say: this is likely the closest we’ll get to seeing the model in anything resembling office attire.

Too long have business people and politicians been held captive by “take me seriously, please!” suits. The London-based legal firm Vardags understands this, recommending that its 120 staffers swap out corporate suits for an “electric blue sequined jacket and gold leather trousers topped with a funky pink hairdo.” The power bestowed on conventional suiting is all well and good, but I would like to see Biden serve in an optic-white boot.

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