EXCLUSIVE: A model known as ‘AsianBarbieDDoll’ admitted she’s forked out $150,000 (£119,000) on plastic surgery to become a ‘real life Barbie doll’ – and she’s not finished her transformation yet

Most women spend out a little on their image – maybe buying some new makeup or getting their eyebrows done.

But a model revealed she’s spent more than £100,000 on plastic surgery trying to transform herself into the ‘perfect’ Barbie doll.

And she’s not even happy with her transformation yet.

The brunette beauty, known by her fans has ‘AsianBarbieDDoll’, was born in China but moved to Los Angeles, US just before the pandemic hit in 2020.

The 23-year-old was a makeup artist and gym trainer back in China but got into modelling when she moved Stateside – and has been transforming herself ever since.

She’s spent a pretty penny doing so, forking out $150,000 (£119,000) on plastic surgery since moving to the US.

Asked what surgery she’s had done, the model has a whole list of operations she’s undergone including four bum implant surgeries, four boobs jobs, jawline re-shaping, double eyelid surgery and liposuction.

As well as those, she’s also had lip and chin fillers, dental veneers, full body hair removal and numerous skin treatments.

Talking about wanting to achieve the Barbie doll look with her surgery, the model said that she’s trying to achieve ‘perfection’.

She exclusively told Daily Star: “In my mind, Barbie is about achieving perfection.

“My idea of a hyper-feminine look has to be a girl that has a slim body with impossible curves, not natural curves.

“This is key, I am not trying to look natural – for years I have been trying to achieve unbelievable body proportions like the actual plastic Barbie dolls of the past.”

And she’s not done yet either, with the bombshell – known as Barbie to her pals – saying she has yet more operations in the pipeline.

“I plan to have chin implant surgery this year, and next year I plan to get bigger ʙuтт implants and bigger breast implants,” she said.

“I am looking into getting rib removal surgery to achieve an impossibly tiny waist.

“I will also get more lip injections too.”

The model’s Barbie looks have helped her build up a big following on OnlyFans, where she rakes in the money from her look.

She says fans often help her fund her operations, saying: “I actively seek the support of my OnlyFans fans for my surgeries. “That is the number one question I get from them, when will you get bigger boobs, ʙuтт or lips.” We’ll watch this space to see what she gets done next then!