Jennifer Lawrence Explains Why Her Eyes Looked Like That at the Red Sparrow Premiere

Jennifer Lawrence is fully aware that she looks “like I had had electroshock therapy” in the pH๏τos of herself from the New York premiere of Red Sparrow. But hey, blame on all the alcohol, she told Andy Cohen on his radio show.

As the story goes, Cohen had Lawrence pre-tape his Thursday episode of Watch What Happens Live before the premiere. Then Lawrence went to Late Night with Stephen Colbert, where she took three more sH๏τs on camera during her nine-minute interview. See below:

She was already drunk after Cohen’s show to begin with. “I did get drunk at your thing,” Lawrence admitted. And it got worse after. “Can we look at the premiere pH๏τos please? I look like I had had electroshock therapy. In my head, I’m like, ‘I’m a goth dream,’ and then I looked at the pH๏τos and I’m like, ‘I’m a goth dream on crack.’ Yeah, my eyes were like ‘I’m not drunk!’”

The night overall was good though, Lawrence ᴀssured Cohen of the New York premiere and after party. “Ooooh, I had a LOT of fun,” she finished.

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