Mia Khalifa offers unibrow update after considering ‘nurturing’ eyebrow hair

Pornhub legend Mia Khalifa previously said she was thinking of ‘nurturing’ her eyebrow hair and letting it grow into a unibrow – and now she has given fans on Instagram an update

Mia Khalifa has given fans an “update” on the progress of her unibrow after she said she wanted to let it “live her life”.

The adult film star took to Instagram last month (October 23) to announce the possible drastic change to her appearance. Mia wrote: “Considering nurturing the unibrow and letting her live her life for a bit,” complete with a close-up snap of her then-perfectly manicured brows.

Now the 29-year-old Pornhub legend has shared another picture of her brows, this time a little bushier than before.

“Unibrow update,” she wrote alongside the picture, which showed the face-framing hairs growing a little closer together.

In another picture, she shared a zoomed-in picture of her furrowed brow that showed new hairs growing.

The influencer also posted a close-up of Michelangelo’s famous painting The Creation of Adam, showing two hands almost touching, and captioned it: “Those two lil hairs” with a crying laugh emoji.

Mia has been active on social media recently and made headlines for speaking out on her “trauma and emotional neglect” recently.

Taking to Twitter in a brave post, she said she believed that being strong and independent is a defence mechanism people use to cope with the intense feelings.

She said: “Being strong & independent & selfless isn’t the compliment you think it is, hyper independence is a trauma response to emotional neglect – the conditioning that strong and independent is an honourable trait feeds into our fear that we’ll never get to be soft and small and taken care of.”

Her followers were quick to comfort the star, and even offer their words of wisdom.

One said: “Move away from the city find great people in the country who will just love you for who you are and all that’ll get taken care of.”

Another said their own experience was similar to Mia’s, writing: “I understand exactly what you saying it really is like you became that way because of the way a person treated you or being hurt and it makes you become that type of person.”

Despite her difficult experiences, Mia seems to have been having a great time travelling the world and living her life as an influencer in recent months.

The star has been jetting between the US and Europe and even prompted rumours she might move to the UK – but has since quashed the speculation by saying she just “commutes there”.

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