IT IS one of the most divisive trends of the season with only the bravest fashionistas daring to bare all when it comes to Duct tape swimwear.

But those who are willing to flash the flesh can now do so at home as Joel Alvarez, aka The King of Tape has revealed how he creates the barely there pieces. Joel, who showcased his risqué designs on the runway at Miami Swim Week last year as part of his brand the Black Tape Project, has shared several videos of him building his creations on his Instagram account.

Using nothing but tape he can be seen creating silhouettes and shielding models’ modesty with his intricate designs with each video racking up to 90,000 views.

Joel relies on a variety of different shapes and colours when it comes to his designs, ranging from simple ‘thong’ designs to intricate breast plates.

Working as a pH๏τographer, Joel first began creating his taped swimwear looks using electrical tape back in 2008 at the request of a model and by 2012 he was selling his services to local nightclubs in Miami.

He showcased his latest ‘pieces’ as part of New York Fashion Week with styles including a blue, purple and gold halterneck design – modelled by Priscilla Huggins and a gold geometric ʙικιɴι.

And while many fans have been going wild for the Sєxy designs, others think the tape would be painful to remove.

One asked: “What does it feel like to remove it?”

While another said: “Looks painful.”

One fan commented: “That tape is going to hurt coming off.”

“Omg this tape is everything, honestly my fave type you’ve used,” wrote one, commenting on the metallic one-piece.

Others called Joel’s work “incredible” while one said: “Wow this is ART!”

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