The Rock was thrown out of WWE Raw? Remembering why he was treated that way

Back in 2004, The Rock was making sporadic appearances in WWE. One such appearance was on the June 21, 2004, edition of WWE RAW when the live show was held in his hometown of Miami, Florida. Unfortunately, the appearance didn’t last long, considering Eric Bischoff had other plans

The Brahma Bull kicked off the show, and as expected, the fans were hyped. During his energetic segment, he mentioned his friends and family who were ringside, along with former WWE Superstar Eugene. In fact, to honor their friendship, Rock requested Eugene to come out to the arena.

However, then-Intercontinental Champion Randy Orton answered that call. The Brahma Bull told The Legend Killer that he had told Bob Orton that someday Rock would beat Randy Orton’s “candy a**.” Of course, Orton didn’t want to get humiliated further and told The Rock that he was not stretched, was not in an appropriate gear, and had a match that night, so a physical face-off was out of the question.

The People’s Champion paid no heed to Orton’s words and attacked him and threw him over the top rope to ringside. This is when Eric Bischoff entered the arena with security and asked them to escort Rock out of the building due to his reckless actions with the then-champion.

While leaving the arena and the building, he insulted Eric Bischoff, the security team, and Coachman and even had a couple of flirtatious moments with the women who were present in attendance.

The Rock broke social media records upon return to WWE

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson made his return to WWE on the September 15, 2023, edition of SmackDown. It was absolutely unexpected, given that most megastar returns happen at Premium Live Events.

It so happened that The Brahma Bull’s return to WWE was viewed over 103 Million times, shattering all social media records in Titanland.

Moreover, The Rock has shown interest in challenging Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40 since the plans for their dream bout did not come to fruition at last year’s WrestleMania.

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