Kayla Simmons used to play volleyball at Marshall University and the former college athlete has become a social media sensation on her way to being dubbed the ‘world’s Sєxiest volleyball star’

Kayla Simmons has stunned her fans once again after flaunting her sizeable cleavage with some fans claiming the pH๏τos she posted show off a “nip slip”.

Dubbed the ‘world’s Sєxiest volleyball star’, the college athlete has become a social media sensation, as she has more than 950,000 followers on Instagram.

Simmons attended Marshall University in West Virginia as the Florida native has become a notable influencer following her stint at Marshall where she was the setter for the school’s prestigious volleyball team.

The 27-year-old also runs her own OnlyFans page where she’s received more than 209,000 likes, while fans are able to subscribe for free.

The bio on her profile: “this is where wifey gets wild… it’s me, i’m wifey.

On Instagram, her fans went wild as she shared pictures of a trip she took to a farm in her native Florida where her cleavage was fully on show as fans had plenty to say about the raunchy pH๏τos.

One user put forth a question to Simmons: “Well you are a marvellous farmer ! Can I roll in the straw with you?”

Another wrote: “You are a breath-taking goddess. I would walk on glᴀss to meet you. Just stunning, gorgeous face and smile.”

Like many fans, one user was distracted by Simmons’ ʙosoм as he asked: “without checking again, what color were her pants?”

She captioned the selection of pH๏τos: “This is my Florida”.

While Simmons has carved an exciting and burgeoning career for herself, she was initially interested in a different career path when she attended Marshall University.

In an interview with Maxim Australia, the 27-year-old revealed that her pᴀssion was in broadcast journalism and it pushed her towards the West Virginia school.

“I was born and raised in Gainesville, Florida,” she said.

“I attended college at Marshall University, where I received a full-ride athletic scholarship to play volleyball. I got my bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism. After college, I started pursuing social media. I signed with an agency in Los Angeles, and moved there last year!”