Kourtney Kardashian shares cryptic message after ‘setting boundaries’ with her family

Kourtney Kardashian has shared a rather cryptic message on social media amid claims she’s looking to set boundaries with her family.

The 44-year-old POOSH founder is currently pregnant with her fourth child, the first with husband Travis Barker, and it’s been reported that she will be banning her family from the delivery room. A source has claimed Kourtney only wants her rockstar husband in the delivery room, something which has reportedly annoyed her mother Kris Jenner.

Amid the family drama, Kourtney took to her Instagram Stories to share a post from POOSH’s account. It read: “Love the people in your life so loudly and so fiercely that they never doubt how much they are loved.”

The original post had a caption which read: “Go ahead and give them a tag while you’re at it,” with fans tagging their loved ones in the comments. The post seems to come at a tricky time, as Kourtney is said to be feuding with her own family as she prepares to give birth to her fourth child.

A source has said: “[Kourtney’s] family have always been welcome when she gave birth, but now she’s saying she only wants Travis there, which of course has Kris pretty annoyed.” They also claimed she’s planning to film the birth, but wants control over the footage.

A source told Heat Magazine: “Kourtney wants total control when it comes to the footage, so she and Travis want to hire their own team. Her mum has offered to handle it for her, and has promised she and Travis would have the final cut, but Kourtney is saying they want to to do their own thing, so they need to be 100 percent in charge.”

It wouldn’t be the first time Kourtney has been filmed giving birth. The reality star invited the cameras in 13 years ago when she delivered her son.

The source said Kourtney has been helped by Travis to set boundaries with her family. They claimed her new husband has given her “strength” and doesn’t need to rely on them as much.

Travis has reportedly been incredibly helpful throughout the pregnancy. Despite being busy on tour, he’s taken the time to set up some “self care” initiatives for Kourtney. The source revealed he’s helped arrange daily spa treatments, to help Kourtney feel great while pregnant.

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